Battery Boot


Frequently Asked Questions about the Battery Boot for Amazon Echo:

What is the Amazon Echo?
Amazon Echo is a smart wireless speaker and voice command device sold by This website and product are not affiliated with Amazon.

Does this site sell or support the Amazon Echo?
No. All purchase and support requests for Amazon Echo must go through The Battery Boot is an add-on to the Amazon Echo and the Echo is sold separately.

Do I need Wi-Fi?
Yes. The Battery Boot only provides power. A separate Wi-Fi connection is required to access all features of the Amazon Echo.

How does the BatteryBoot work?
It plugs in and attaches to the bottom of your Amazon Echo. The fit is snug and does not require any additional plugs. 

How long will the battery last?
It depends on how the Amazon Echo is being used and which Battery Boot purchased. The MegaBoot provides up to 20 hours of battery time.

Does my Echo still work while the battery charges?
Yes. When you plug in your cord to charge the battery, you can still use your echo with all of its functionality during charging.  

Can I use my phone wifi (Wi-Fi Tether) to connect Echo to it?
Please refer to Amazon's help center for Connectivity for information on using the Echo with Wi-Fi.

Why has my Echo stopped responding or playing Music when the BatteryBoot is attached?
Most likely your battery is discharged. Press any button of top of your Echo. If you don't see any lights, then plug your adapter back to the bottom of the Battery Boot for Echo. Your Echo light ring should light up. If you continue to have problems, please refer to Amazon's Echo Help Center.

Do you offer a warranty on the BatteryBoot?
Yes. All Battery Boots are sold with a 90-day warranty. Also, all of our Battery Boots come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Looking for Support?
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