Battery Boot

BatteryBoot™ for Google Home - White
for over 24 hours of battery life!

$ 59.99 $ 79.99

BatteryBoot™ for Google Home - White<br>for over 24 hours of battery life!

$ 59.99 $ 79.99


The only patented battery solution for your Google Home. BatteryBoot replaces the standard base and uses the power cord provided by Google to charge itself. No need for additional bases or chargers to power up your Google Home.

BatteryBoot provides over 24 hours of cord free use. Take your Google Home wherever you'd like as long as it's dry. Google Home and BatteryBoot are not good swimmers. 

The BatteryBoot fits snug to the bottom of your Google Home, once it is attached, you won't notice it is there.

Built and fulfilled by a US company. Patent Pending #62550216.

*Google Home is sold separately.

**Google Home works using a wi-fi connection or bluetooth where available. Refer to your instructions for help. 

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